The Cars were always the prototypical 80s musical outfit. Even when they were huge it was hard to imagine that they'd survive into the 90s. They seemed as 'of their time' as Cinderella with those shoulder pads, those synth-driven power-pop hits, the frontman with the supermodel girlfriend/wife and all that MTV exposure. Sure enough, the clock stuck midnight in the form of grunge and shoved all those guys in skinny ties to the curb where, following the predictably acrimonious breakup, they slipped down the cultural storm drain, never to be heard from again.

Well, forget all that because the Cars are back. 29 years after Ric Ocasek last smiled, 25 years or so after releasing their last album and 23 years after the acrimonious breakup at the curb the band put together a short US tour in support of their new album "Move Like This" (which incidentally entered the Billboard album charts at #7). I have to admit I didn't see this one coming. After the death of the bands one true rock star - Benjamin Orr - any chance of a reunion seemed to be off the table. But give them credit, the remaining band members pulled up their bootstraps and put themselves back out there. (click here for a review of their recent show at the Hollywood Palladium).

Will there be future albums and tours? Only time will tell. Their reunion does take them off my list of future "Where are they now?" posts but I can live with that. I just hope somebody gives Ric Ocasek a happy pill and that they have some fun.

Left: The Cars in their heyday with Benjamin Orr     Right: publicity shot for new album and tour