There are so many great albums from the 1980s that trying to create a list of the 10 best seems nearly impossible. But that won't stop me from giving it a shot. By necessity some incredible music is going to be left out but such is the name of the game. So, after a lot of thoughtful deliberation here are my selections for the 10 best albums of the 80s.

1) "Pretenders" 1980 - Pretenders - East 55th and Euclid avenue was real precious

2) "Purple Rain" 1984 - Prince - The funky one breaks out of his shell and rocks the house

3) "The Unforgettable Fire" 1984 - U2 - Unforgettable

4) "Traveling Wilburys Vol 1" 1988 - Traveling Wilburys - It's a dirty world

5) "Avalon" 1982 - Roxy Music - Seamless production, hopelessly romantic (in the truest sense)

6) "Oranges and Lemons" 1989 - XTC - Blistering power pop from Andy Partridge and Co.

7) "Sign 0 The Times" 1987 - Prince - Sho 'nuf do be cookin (in my book)

8) "Thriller" 1982 - Michael Jackson - What can you say?

9) "Building the Perfect Beast" 1984 - Don Henley - Well we barely made the airport, the last plane out

10) "Get Happy" 1980 - Elvis Costello - New Amsterdam it's become much to much