A few facts about George Michael's album "Faith":

  • 50+ weeks in the Billboard Top 10
  • 12 weeks at #1
  • #1 on the US R&B charts
  • 4 #1 singles (including "One More Try")
  • 6 singles inside the Billboard Hot 100 top 5
  • 11 million copies sold in the US
  • 25 million copies sold worldwide
George Michael wrote all the songs on this album, played many of the instruments and produced the whole thing himself (something I didn't know until I did some research for this post). But of all the great songs on this record this one stands out for me. A beautiful vocal performance that's never let down or overwhelmed by the production. His voice and the instruments trade off the lead as if they're dancing around each other. To me, listening to this song is like watching a bull fight in slow motion; you know he's going to get gored if he gets too close but you also know he's going to risk it. Great song. Great album.

George Michael - One More Try