As I've become more and more involved with blogging about the 80s I've realized how many great films came out of that decade that really deserve top 10 consideration, and so I've decided to create an alternate top 10 movies of the 80s list. There aren't any films on the original list that I want to remove, I just want to add 10 more without exceeding the parameters of a top 10 list. Think of this list as existing in an alternate reality; like the one JJ Abrams created for his reboot of Star Trek, sort of.

So here we go: the alternate reality top 10 movies of the 80s are...

1) The Killing Fields - After the reporters were chased out the real nightmare began

2) Batman - Changed the course of superhero movies forever

3) Full Metal Jacket - Kubrick's best late film

4) The Terminator - James Cameron re-invents sci-fi as an action genre

5) Dune - David Lynch dreams about Frank Herbert's sci-fi classic

6) Prizzi's Honor - Jack Nicholson at his cheeky best

7) The Adventures of Baron Munchausen - A beautifully crafted ode to the dreamer

8) This is Spinal Tap - The mother of all modern mockumentaries

9) Dangerous Liaisons - Love as the blood sport of the idle rich

10) Predator - An unexpected gem that takes you places you didn't expect