Jonathan Frakes did a lot of acting before Star Trek came calling. He studied Theater Arts in college, played off Broadway in New York in the 70s and appeared fairly regularly on the tube during the late 70s and 80s in series as diverse as The Waltons, The Dukes of Hazzard and Matlock. But it wasn't until he landed the role of Lt Cmdr William T. Riker on Star Trek The Next Generation that he became a household name.

Though playing in the shadow of the incomperable Patrick Stewart might have intimidated other actors Frakes managed to carve out his own territory in the Star Trek universe. He remains the only TNG actor to also appear in episodes of Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise and he developed a reputation for being a dependable director as well, taking the helm for many of TNGs most popular episodes (including my personal favorite "Cause and Effect").

So what is Will Riker up to these days?

After directing two TNG movies Frakes moved back to tv-land where he's been the host of numerous series, both popular and obscure, dealing with outer space and paranormal themes; most recently hosting History Channel's "That's Impossible". Frakes is married to actress Genie Francis and lives in California with her and their two children aged 17 and 14. He's also popular on the Star Trek convention circuit and, oh yes, he really does play the trombone.

The redoubtable Commander Riker (left) and Jonathan Frakes at a 2009 Star Trek convention (right)