Amazingly Simple Minds were never behind this song as a band. They were proud of the fact that they wrote all their own material even if it was material that wasn't getting them much notice. But Keith Forsey, who would go on to become drummer of the Psychedelic Furs and who wrote the song, knew he had a winner and after both Billy Idol and Bryan Ferry declined to record it Forsey set his sights on Simple Minds and kept after them. Their record label, A&M, also thought they should do it.

Finally the band caved and according to lead singer Jim Kerr "...went in (to the studio) one afternoon, came up with the intro, came up with the big middle, came up with the coda and it was done and dusted in about three hours." John Hughes promptly used it for his movie "The Breakfast Club" (the video for the song features clips from the movie playing on TV screens alongside Kerr) and the song became Simple Minds biggest hit ever, reaching #1 in the US.

An iconic 80s tune.