Funky Funky Funky Funky

When Prince wrote Kiss he didn't originally think it had much of a future so he gave the song to the band Mazarati for them to record for their debut album. They in turn hired producer David Z. who took Prince's demo track and turned it into a stripped down funkathon. Prince was so enamored by what he heard that he snatched the song back, tweaked it here and there and added his own vocal track before including it at the last minute on his 1986 album Parade.

The song became a monster hit, reaching #1 in the US, and almost singlehandedly carried Parade to multi-platinum status.

Because the diminutive one is such a control freak however finding the original video anywhere on the internet these days is nearly impossible, which is a shame because it's the kind of song that could really make younger listeners, raised on a queasy oatmeal of stolen hooks and cookie cutter lyrics about DJs playin' in the cluuuuubb, realize just what they're not getting from their image-ready, lip-synching pop stars.

I was able to find this one fan-made video that includes the entire song along with snippets from the original video. It's not perfect but if you close your eyes and just listen to the music you'll understand why an entire generation of fans have always believed that this guy, personality quirks and all, is something special.

Note: it's possible, no make that probable, that at some point Prince will force the removal of this video too. I'll keep my eye on things and if it becomes unavailable I'll do my utmost to find a suitable replacement.