It was one of the most stunning victories in sports, not just of the 80s, but of all-time. Jack Nicklaus - that's 46 year old Jack Nicklaus - comes from behind at the 1986 Masters and snatches victory out of the hands of a half dozen players young enough to be his sons.

And it's not just that he won, it's how he won. He didn't put in some pedestrian round and then come out on top when those younger guys in front of him imploded. He went and TOOK it. He played the last 10 holes of the tournament in 33 strokes knocking in 6 birdies and an eagle along the way. 46 year old guys just don't do that. They're supposed to be done, cooked, over the hill, just showing up to try and pad the bank account a little. Not Nicklaus. He was always all about winning.

For Nicklaus this was major #18. For a while it seemed like Tiger Woods would surpass that total, but not anymore. And if he doesn't it might just be this victory that keeps Jack Nicklaus on top.