Aha's single "Take on Me" is one of the great pop songs of the 80s (or any decade for that matter). The video that accompanied the song was also groundbreaking in its fusion of animation and live action footage and won numerous awards. Key to the success of the video was the young actress who played the girl drawn into the comic book world of the singer. Her name was/is Therese "Bunty" Bailey and she was Aha lead singer Morten Harket's girlfriend at the time the video was shot.

So what ever happened to Bunty Bailey?

After "Take on Me" Bailey went on to star in Aha's follow-up video "The Sun Always Shines On TV" and then had a short career in motion pictures. After a 16 year hiatus she returned to the silver screen in the 2008 low-budget comedy "Defunct". These days Bailey is a dance teacher who describes herself as "happily married" and is the mother of two teenage children.

(left) Bunty Bailey in Aha's 1985 video "Take on Me" and (right) in a recent photo