There was a time when jeans were just jeans. You bought them to wear to work on the construction site or to just lay around the house in on the weekend. That all ended in the 80s with the introduction of "designer" jeans. No brand was more successful out of the gate than Calvin Klein and undoubtedly no one was more singularly responsible for the success of CK jeans than the product's public face, Brooke Shields.

In the most infamous of a series of racy (for their time) tv commercials the then 15 year old Ms. Shields stared into the camera and breathlessly declared "You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing." Oh my.

Here is that scandalous ad from 1980 which wound up getting banned in many parts of the country but would go on to nonetheless create the basic template for nearly every other designer jeans ad that followed. (Somebody needs to tell that young lady that good girls don't sit like that!)