Sean Young was one of the highest profile actresses in Hollywood in the 80s. Her credits included "Stripes", "Dune", "No Way Out" and Ridley Scott's masterpiece "Blade Runner" in which she played Rachel opposite Harrison Ford.

Unfortunately it wasn't long before she developed a reputation for being difficult to work with. In the late 80s she had her role in Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" drastically cut back after clashing on set with Stone and though she managed to land the role of Vicky Vale in Tim Burton's "Batman" (1989) she had to withdraw from the film after she injured herself in an off-set accident. In 1990 she was fired from the role of Tess Trueheart in "Dick Tracy". Young claimed she was let go because she refused Warren Beatty's advances, though Beatty denies this. She was eventually replaced by Madonna who went on to accept Beatty's advances, a developement which added some weight to Young's claims. She made a very public (and unsuccessful) push to land the role of Catwoman in Burton's Batman sequel, "Batman Returns", and then had a small role in the Jim Carrey vehicle "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective" in 1994. After that she pretty much disappeared from the silver screen.

So what ever happened to Sean Young?

For nearly 15 years she found it hard to get meaningful work both because of her reputation and because much of her time was spent raising her two sons. In 2008 she was removed from the Director's Guild of America Awards show after showing up drunk and heckling Julian Schnabel (you go girl!). Finally in 2010 she landed what turned into a recurring role on TV's The Young and the Restless and that exposure has seemed to reignite her career, albeit to a limited degree. Next month she's due to be seen in the film "Gingerclown" opposite Tim Curry, Brad Dourif and Lance Henriksen, though it's unclear at this point if that film will see wide release.

Sean Young then and now. She looks pretty good for a 50 year old!