The Cars came out of Boston in the late 70s with a debut album that managed to combine the power of punk with the sophistication of pop. After that debut album though each subsequent release scored lower on the charts than the previous one. That is until 1984's "Heartbeat City". The albums success was, to some extent, a matter of right band/right time since MTV was just gaining traction and the band had the foresight to invest in some state of the art videos to promote it.

But Heartbeat City was more than just luck and marketing. It was damn good and the best track on the album was the one featured here; the monster hit "Drive". Benjamin Orr, who takes lead duties here, was the voice of the Cars on many of their other best known songs like "Just What I Needed", "Bye Bye Love" and "Let's Go". October 3 marks 11 years since his passing and it still seems kind of hard to believe.

So this one's for you Benjamin Orr, wherever you are.