Because I know that Chris is going to turn the review spotlight on The Road Warrior one of these days and because all the recent talk about mullets got me to thinking, I'm doing this "Where are they now?" segment on the immortal Emil Minty or, as we know him, The Feral Kid from The Road Warrior.

Emil won the part in TRW when he was just 8 years old, beating out a slew of other child star wannabes. The movie was shot in New South Wales near where he was born and though Emil had a lot of screen time in the film he never uttered a word of dialogue (I guess dem feral kids don't get a lot a book learnin'). His character went on to achieve something resembling cult status but Emil, as an actor, just sort of faded from view.

So what's he up to these days? Digging burrows all over the outback to hide his stash of Dinky Dee dog food in preparation for the pocaclypse? Doing battle with other angry commuters waiting in line for $4 a gallon gasoline? Practicing for the World Boomerang Championships? Sorry to disappoint you but its nothing so glamorously disturbing. Today 38 year old Emil is manager of a Sydney jewelry store and, rumor has it, has even learned to speak!

Emil Minty as The Feral Kid 1981 and in a recent photo