During our favorite decade mullet mania seemed to encompass the globe. It was like some terrible virus that you could pick up if you went into a salon;

Girlfriend upon seeing boyfriend's new mullet: "What happened to you!?"
Boyfriend sporting Hairstyle Of Shame: "I went into the unisex salon at the corner. Just for a trim!"
GF: "I told you you'd catch mullet if you went into one of those places. Now we'll have to cancel Christmas at my parents!"
BFwHOS: "I'm so sorry. So, so sorry."

Conversations just like this were heard from Dublin to Tokyo as more and more seemingly normal men succumbed to the cultural contagion. Thankfully by decades end the worst was over and the mullet receded into the shadowy corners of truck stops, Piggly Wiggly's and hockey rinks from whence it came and where it continues to lurk; waiting for a second chance to burst forth upon an unsuspecting populace.

Some things simply defy our ability to explain them.