"These kids want careers. And they're willing to dance on the walls to get them!"

Break dancing was born in the streets during the 70s and rose to prominence during the 80s. The official jiggling, shaking, twirling, twisting, popping, posing dance form of the fledgling hip-hop movement it took on a life of its own and quickly became mainstream about the time Michael Jackson adopted what breakers had been calling "the slide" and renamed it the "moonwalk". There was simply no denying the energy and improvisational chutzpah of these kids. If there was/is one problem with break dancing though its that almost no one who isn't in top physical condition and absolutely obsessed with learning the moves can do it, all the rest of us have to be content with playing the spectator. But hey, what a show!

The narrator of this clip is so uncool he's actually uncool!