He was the quintessential 80s movie star. His resume included such 80s classics as "Stripes", "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Beverly Hills Cop". Edward Ernest Reinhold Jr was born in Wilmington Delaware in 1957 and later moved with his family to Florida. After attending the North Carolina School of the Arts he made his first forays into the entertainment business, working in regional repertory productions. He began to appear in minor TV roles in the late 70s once appearing in an episode of Wonder Woman.

After Stripes in 1981 his career took off. Besides Fast Times and Beverly Hills Cop (I,II and III) he appeared in "Gremlins", "Pandemonium" and "Ruthless People" among other films. By the 90s his acting career was on the wane though he did make a memorable appearance on Seinfeld as the "close talker" who can't do enough for Jerry's parents.

These days Judge reportedly spends most of his time in Arkansas, his wife's home state, and has taken on the cause of troubled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. He is also involved in bringing film production to his adopted state and plans to produce work there that focuses on the lives of people "overlooked by New York and Los Angeles."

As for the origin of his famous nickname Judge had this to say for an Arkansas newspaper story:
“My father graduated top of his class from Harvard Law School. At that time he had a practice in Washington, D.C.,” Reinhold said. “It cracked him up whenever I would frown because I looked just like an old Judge who presided over a case of his, so at two weeks old, he nicknamed me Judge.”

Judge Reinhold in the 80s (left) and in 2011 (right)