It was one of the most vexing problems facing western civilization in the late 20th century. Philosophers, engineers, politicians and physicists had all taken stabs at solving it, yet all had somehow failed: how do you keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool?

Well in 1984 McDonalds solved the riddle and people everywhere breathed a sigh of relief. No longer would we be subjected to limp, runny, lukewarm tomato slices. No longer would our rectangular piece of cheese-style consumable product turn into a gooey layer of chemicals before we had a chance to fully enjoy it's robust artificial flavor. No longer would we endure the shame of bringing home a wet, soggy take out bag or experience the uneasy feeling of being had as we lapped up our dead cow patties.

The idea, like most revolutionary ideas, was simple. Seperate the hot side from the cool side using a double breasted styrofoam container. Sure it increased the size of the average take out bag by 639% and created choking floods of styrofoam trash in landfills around America, but who cared? Things were as they should be. Order and honor had been restored to the fast food universe and McDonalds even created an advertising campaign using the future George Costanza (Jason Alexander with hair) to bring the message of renewal to the masses.

Hey, if it's good enough for George it's good enough for me. Gimme two to go!