What would the 80s have been without Doc Martens shoes? They were an essential fashion accessory for everyone from punks to hi-so fashionistas. Supermodels wore them. College kids wore them. I even remember we had a garbage man for a while that wore them.

Chances are Dr Klaus Martens could little have imagined the impact his practical footwear would have on the world when he invented them in 1945 as a way to deal with the aftermath of an ankle injury he'd sustained. Within a decade they were a hit on the continent. Since 1960 when the first British made Doc Martens were sold the shoes have come to symbolize a certain type of British attitude and fashion sense. By the late 70s they were standard issue footwear for London punks and by the 80s anyone who was anyone in music or fashion was wearing them on both sides of 'the pond'.

Doc Martens are still around today, just not the 'must have' accessory they were during the 80s. Oh and by the way, they're not such a symbol of Britain anymore either. In 2003, faced with declining sales in the UK, the company relocated its manufacturing component to China and Thailand in an effort to cut costs. 

Shoes make the man. Or something like that.