Recorded when he was 16, Charlie Sexton's debut album "Pictures for Pleasure" made a splash in 1985 powered by this top 20 hit "Beat's So Lonely". The music video was in heavy rotation on MTV and Charlie was being hailed as the next big thing. That didn't exactly pan out but Charlie wasn't exactly a 1-hit wonder either. He wound up being a much in demand session musician backing big names like Don Henley, Lucinda Williams and Ronnie Wood and continued to record his own music, though none of his subsequent efforts would capture the limelight like Beat's So Lonely.

In 1999 Charlie joined Bob Dylan's band and toured nearly nonstop with him until 2002, with the band taking time out to record the critically acclaimed album "Love and Theft". He rejoined Dylan in 2009 and is still with him as of this writing. I had the chance to see Dylan with Charlie Sexton in 2001 and that band was tight as a drum.