For a couple of years in the mid 80s he was frontman for one of the most successful pop groups in the world: The Thompson Twins. Videos for their hits "Sister of Mercy", "King for a Day" and especially 1983's "Hold Me Now" were MTV staples. Yeah, Tom Bailey had it all: good looks, hit records and millions of adoring fans. He also had a nervous breakdown when the band were at the height of their career which forced them to cancel a UK tour. Bailey thankfully recovered but the band's reputation never seemed to regain it's legs. They broke up in 1993.

These days Bailey lives in England (or France depending on who you believe) and is the leader of dub band International Observer which has released 4 albums to mixed reviews.  He also collaborates with visual artist José Francisco Salgado in the quasi-scientific audiovisual ensemble, The Bailey-Salgado Project or BSP.