Madonna's been popular as long as I've been alive. That's pretty incredible. Most sources credit her with being the most successful solo act in the history of music. Not bad for a middle class girl from Michigan.

Madonna exploded on the scene in the early 80s and to tell the truth if I have to pick the songs of hers that are my personal favorites I go all the way back to those early singles. "Lucky Star" is probably my most favorite of all her songs. It's great dance music and in the video she looks so young but still brimming with confidence. You can see that, even early on, she knew she was going places. And her fashion sense, OMG! She looks like what I imagine Marilyn Monroe would look like if she got caught in a wind tunnel and then mugged by a group of aerobic class rejects :)

But I love me some Madonna. And I love me some "Lucky Star", so here it is.