Okay Paris has chimed in with two outstanding pop songs so I feel the need to post one of my own just to show her she's not the nazz when it comes to 80s pop.

My selection is a little ditty from one David Jones: aka David Bowie. You might remember him from such 70s gems as "Stay" and "Changes". Well he made it to the 80s intact and gives us this cautionary tale about embracing the illusion that is consumer culture. At least I think that's what the video is about. The song itself is considerably less didactic. It strikes a down home funky groove from the get go and ends with a brief but stirring guitar solo by none other than Stevie Ray Vaughan. Bowie tried to get SRV to appear in the video but he had moved on to other things and wasn't interested, so Bowie acts as if it's him playing. Nice try Mr. Jones. I'll give him a mulligan on that though. I think he's earned it.