Linda Evangelista burst onto the modeling scene in the 80s and it wasn't long before it seemed like her face was everywhere. She worked for all the biggest fashion houses and appeared countless times on the covers of the industry's most famous magazines. In the late 80s she cut off most of her hair giving her the look that would make her a fashion icon. But the new look didn't come without a price. Most of those same fashion houses cancelled her contract almost immediately after taking a look at her new do. Didn't matter though because what she lost in runway revenue she picked up in commercial revenue. She stayed on top for the better part of a decade before being squeezed out by a new generation models during the 90s.

So what's she up to these days?

After taking time off from modeling for personal reasons and giving birth to a son in 2006, she came back in 2007, signing a big contract with L'Oreal Paris. The following year she signed with Prada and will be the new 'face' of Talbots as well.

She still looks terrific today and seems to have a long second life in modeling ahead of her.