It began innocently enough. On August 12, 1981 IBM released their 5150 Personal Computer. Who thought that something like this with 16KB of RAM and a 4.77 MHz processor would signal the beginning of the end for newspapers, movies, records and tapes, musicians, tv, privacy and most important, the xxx rated movie house, just to name a few things. And while its true that movies and tv are still breathing, the day of their ultimate assimilation into comland is visible on the horizon. I remember my dad's first computer. It took something in the neighborhood of 45 minutes to dl a picture from the internet and almost as long to print the damn thing.
Tough I have nothing against computers in principle (after all this blog would not exist without them) I'm thankful that for most of our favorite decade computers remained little more than a geeky curiosity and humans were still free create and express themselves in non-digital ways .